Britney Spears wears #FreeBritney t-shirt ahead of Guardianship Court hearing


Britney Spears wore a #FreeBritney T-shirt before the hearing, which could end her guardianship.

The singer appears in court later today (November 12), where a judge will decide whether to end Spears’ 13-year guardianship, after her father Jamie Spears called for her “immediate termination.”

In a video shared on Instagram by her fiance Sam Asghari, Britney is seen dancing while wearing a white t-shirt with the words “#FreeBritney” engraved on it.

Underneath, the top reads: “This is a human rights movement. “

Britney then enthusiastically shows off the t-shirt, with Asghari appearing wearing the same item in black.

“Loading….” Actor Asghari captioned the post, tagging the location as: “Britney Spears’ Work B ****”.

“#FreeBritney” is the name of the fan movement that called for the end of Spears’ legal guardianship, under which she was placed following her public break-up in 2008. The hashtag was first used by a site of fans in 2009.

Fans are hoping Friday’s hearing will see the end of the Guardianship, which Spears says is controlling his life against his will. It would also have left her unable to make important personal or financial decisions without her father’s approval.

The allegations included having to take medication against her will, being denied access to her finances, being forced to perform and being punished if she refused to happen.

Jamie, who ran the guardianship, was removed from his post in September following allegations in a new documentary that he wiretapped his daughter’s bedroom without her knowledge. Jamie denies the allegations and says Britney was aware of the tapes.

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