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If there’s one thing the world needs, it’s a service that lets you design a shirt using 3D rendering technology. Sure, we could use cars that run on water and world peace, but let’s leave the little things out, right?

Fortunately there is BlueFlame, a website created by a group of eight engineers who have dedicated their lives to selling custom shirts.

Building a shirt is pretty straightforward: you pick a style, collar, fabric, glue it all together, and they get it made in Hong Kong and ship it to you. They start at $ 99 each – a little steep, but definitely worth a trip to Cameron Road. We’ve covered a number of these custom shirt sites, most recently J Hilburn, and all of them seem to be improving on the old bespoke tailoring pattern. The question is therefore whether this model needs to be disrupted?

There are a lot of people who want personalized clothes. I’m not a squire, but a nice personalized shirt looks good. $ 99, is it good? Hey, if you’ve got the IPO money, why not post it?

BleuFlamme is not standing still and will improve its service over the next year. Quoth Jin Takahito Founder:

This next quarter we will be releasing a rotating 3D shirt template so you can preview your shirt design from all angles – implemented in pure HTML5 – something from a technical standpoint, is very difficult to accomplish but in return provides better user experience from any browser. device. I will also feature the community shirt designs gallery provided by our users, where you can find some initial inspirations when designing the shirt of your dreams.

He also notes that “we are advancing human civilization as we speak,” which is a pretty lofty goal, albeit a little short-sighted. We will need personalized shirts when we go to civilize species on other planets, Jin. Will you be there for us?

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