Bin your crusty old Zelda t-shirt, Loewe has finally made gamer fashion cool

A new Loewe fashion show showcased a range of pixel-art clothing, which is so similar to the gaming aesthetic we’ve grown accustomed to over the years that at first glance it looks photoshopped. However, Look 19 and Look 34 from Loewe Spring Collection 2023 are very real and breathtaking.

The show itself offered a wide selection of different looks, pushing the boundaries in a variety of areas of modern clothing with clothes from the hands and mind of JW Anderson. The show was accompanied by incisive questions about “the falsity behind our screens,” according to a post on the Vogue Runway website.

League of Legends recently had Lil Nas X, a very fashionable person I was told.

As for the pixelated tops and pants, Anderson offered an artistic description of her work, calling them “this weird illusion that suddenly breaks up the pattern.” That’s right, the clothes seem to literally jump out of the frame, almost on another virtual layer above the background and the model’s plump features. It’s by far a more impressive piece than those Minecraft creeper t-shirts for kids you see sold everywhere.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen big fashion brands and fashionistas explore the world of video games. In 2019, Louis Vuitton partnered with League of Legends to create a limited digital fashion collection, and Fortnite had its own high fashion collaboration with their in-game BALENCIAGA collection.

The reason for this is almost certainly money, as you can imagine. Not only are players getting older all the time and making more money (hopefully), but they now have kids who might want fancy, expensive, and fashionable clothes. As for the pixelated clothes presented in the Loewe Spring 2023 collection, it is not known if they will go on sale. However, if they do, they will be very expensive, so keep that in mind if you are eager to get one.

What do you think of the parts? Let us know below as well if you’d be caught wearing any of the pieces.

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