Best Adidas Golf Polo Shirts – Our Top Picks for Adidas Polo Shirts


In this guide to the best adidas golf jerseys, we highlight the most stylish and performance-oriented options so you can look and play your best in adidas.

Best Adidas Golf Jerseys

With a large stable of pros from around the world, the best adidas golf jerseys are some of the most visible in the game.

Adidas has a classic style of its own, known for their well-fitting shirts that are made with the latest materials to help players stay cool in hot conditions.

The company has several new editions for this fall and winter with a common theme being that the shirts are made from recyclable materials in what the company says is an effort to reduce plastic waste.

The new lines offer styles that are both bold and elegant as well as classic looks that are perfect on and off the course.

We have looked at all the new offerings from adidas as well as some shirts that have a great heritage. Our conclusion is that adidas continues to make some of the best golf polo shirts that money can buy. Remember, adidas also produces some of the best golf tops and best golf shoes.

Adidas Go-To Polo


KEY INFORMATION Colors: 5, including crew navy Recommended price: $ 75, £ 55

+ Excellent everyday golf shirt for all conditions + Stretch material always closes – Requires extra care when washing

The name says it all, according to adidas, which claims it’s the polo shirt you should wear most of the time, on or off the course.

It has a breathable fabric that has a cottony feel, and it also stretches enough to move with a golfer’s swing. Another cool feature is that you can have the collar buttoned all the way up, but it stretches easily so you can pull it over your head without ruining the integrity of the collar.

And finally, it’s also made in part with recycled materials, which adidas says is part of the company’s goal to help end plastic waste.

Adidas Night Camo Printed Polo Shirt


KEY INFORMATION Colors: 5, including garish mint / semi-green halo Recommended price: $ 70, £ 50

+ Subtle styling gives the shirt an elegant look + Advance material blend provides comfort and flexibility – Extra care required when washing

This camouflage print shirt is a bit more subtle than most, creating an elegant look that isn’t overwhelming.

This all-over print is made from a stretch cotton blend for breathable comfort and flexibility. Cotton makes up 19% of the material, while 74% is recycled polyester and 7% is spandex single jersey.

The material has a dry and breathable feel. Like many of these adidas shirts, a little extra care when washing is essential to maintain its look and feel.

Adidas Adicross Three Below Polo


KEY INFORMATION Colors: 3, of which aluminum Recommended price: $ 80, £ 47

+ Great look outside and on the course + Looks tidy – Requires special care when washing

Adicross is another example of an adidas jersey inspired by traditional golf style, but also designed to be worn off the course. The slight drop hem and understated print are cute style cues for this perfectly fitted shirt.

This modern look is made with stretchy, perforated jacquard fabric for a breathable and comfortable feel wherever you are.

It’s a shirt that can certainly be worn tucked in or out, especially in casual settings like bars or the 19th hole.

Adidas Ultimate 365 Allover Print Primegreen Polo


KEY INFORMATION Colors: 5, including purple / navy tone Recommended price: $ 65, £ 47

+ All-over print has a really stylish look + Built-in UV protection ideal for sunny days – Must be extra careful when washing

This shirt, designed to be worn year round like most of the best adidas golf shoes, really looks great. This sleek print brings modern flair to the course, and it works off the course too

Made with high performance recycled materials, the shirt also has over 50 UV coverage for sun protection.

The Ultimate365 Allover Print fabric also absorbs moisture and stretches in four ways to improve performance.

Adidas Statement No-Show Primegreen Polo

Adidas Statement No-Show Primegreen Polo

KEY INFORMATION Colors: 2, including carbon / jungle / black ink Recommended price: $ 90, £ 66

+ Very breathable, does not sweat + Design allows maximum swing mobility – May be too light for colder conditions

No one likes others to see them sweat, and this particular adidas polo shirt is designed to hide sweat, using an extremely light, soft touch and breathable all-weather mesh fabric.

This polo shirt features raglan sleeves (the seams are close to the collar, not where the upper arm meets the shoulder) for greater swing mobility, and the shirt itself is made from 100% cotton. Primegreen recycled polyester to help reduce plastic waste.

With adidas branding on the left shoulder, this three-button polo shirt is also easily machine washable.

Adidas Ultimate365 3-Stripes Polo


KEY INFORMATION Colors: 2, including Power berry / Legacy blue / white Recommended price: $ 75, £ 55

+ Attractive styling + Freshrite technology helps fight odors – More color options in this design would be nice

This versatile polo shirt features a year-round balanced fabric made from 88% recycled polyester and 12% spandex in single jersey. Translation: It’s a good choice for just about any time of the year.

The Ultimate 365 3-Stripes also features something called Freshrite for odor suppression. Plus, it has a UV factor of over 50 which means it offers great protection from the sun during the hotter months.

With stripes on the chest and sleeves, it also has a distinct style.

Adidas two-tone club striped polo shirt


KEY INFORMATION Colors: 4, including marine / white crew Recommended price: $ 65, £ 47

+ Classic styling + Material and construction does not prevent swing – Should wash cold and tumble dry low. Sensitive to wrinkles

With a solid color collar and all over stripes, this shirt has a look that never goes out of style.

The two-tone CLub Stripe polo shirt has more old-fashioned technology, however, when it comes to flexibility and comfort. The shirt features side slit hems for easy movement as well as soft stretch fabric that wicks away moisture.

It requires a bit more care than some of the other polo shirts from Adidas, including washing in cold water and tumble drying on low. A cool iron every now and then also helps keep it looking cool.

Like the Ultimate 365 3-Stripes, it should be washed in cold water, tumble dried on a low heat, and may need occasional touch-ups with a cold iron to maintain its appearance.

Polo Adidas Primeblue HEAT.RDY

Polo Adidas Primeblue HEAT.RDY

KEY INFORMATION Colors: 2, including semi-night flash Recommended price: $ 60, £ 44

+ Athletic styling that would work well in other sports + Excellent material for hot days – Must be extra careful when washing and drying

As the name suggests, when the heat rises, this is the shirt you need.

The Primeblue HEAT.RDY polo shirt is made from Primeblue, a high performance recycled material made in part from Parley Ocean Plastic. It’s made from 100% recycled double-knit polyester and breathable fabric that cools the air.

The shirt has an athletic style with a thin stripe on the shoulders that goes down to the sleeves with a contrasting color on the inside of the collar.

Adidas Ultimate365 Solid Polo


KEY INFORMATION Colors: 5, of which black Recommended price: $ 65, £ 47

+ Classic look that never goes out of style + Designed for year round comfort – Average weight may not be the best for super hot days

The Midweight Ultimate365 Solid Polo Shirt is a classic looking shirt that’s easy to match or contrast with shorts and pants.

For added comfort, the jersey features something called Aeroready, which manages moisture to keep players dry. The entire product, like much of the current adidas golf line, is made with Primegreen, a series of high performance recycled materials.

This regular fit shirt has a three button polo collar and has an UV index of over 50 to protect golfers from the sun.

If you enjoyed this guide to the best adidas golf jerseys, be sure to check out the Golf Monthly website for more guides, such as the best Nike jerseys or the best golf shorts.

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