Balenciaga gangster draped in $895 t-shirts and obsessed with gym selfie shot

Police chiefs have now set up a separate Strike Force Leary to investigate the shooting and work with Strike Force Raptor, which has also been bolstered by 30 other officers from 115 to 145 detectives.

“It’s shocking, disturbing and unacceptable. When it happens in a public place, at 8pm, in a gymnasium, it will not be tolerated,” said NSW Police Minister Paul Toole.

“If you’re part of Sydney’s underworld, we’re going to hunt you down. We will break down doors.

“We are going to raid homes, we are going to raid businesses, we are going to harass you, we are going to disrupt your daily life to stop this kind of activity. It is unacceptable.

‘If you’re involved, an associate then I’m telling you right now, you better rethink your assets. We will come after you and lock you up.

Plenty of hiding places available, plenty of food, few predators except maybe your neighbor’s cat.

“Although I don’t think a cat could put down a rat that size. You will need a terrier or a brown snake.

“Having seen behind the scenes at a few Westfields, that doesn’t surprise me at all,” another commenter said.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Westfield for comment.

The ruthless enforcer had been a marked man for weeks, with gang rivals putting a seven-figure bounty on him, estimated to be between $1 million and $7 million.

Tuesday night, someone almost got their bumper paycheck.

Despite warnings about hitmen pursuing him, Zahed, 41, refused to stay away from the gym. As a result, he was shot in a hail of bullets alongside his younger brother Omar, 39, on Tuesday evening.

Omar was killed instantly, but Zahed clung to life after being shot 10 times in the body and head, leaving him seriously injured.

The couple had been ordered to leave town a few days earlier.

“Both brothers were tipped off last Thursday,” NSW State Crime Commander Michael Fitzgerald revealed.

“Their lives have been in danger for some time.

“They decided not to follow our recommendations to leave this state.”

The crowd turned on him in abuse as he walked down the aisle, delaying play in the middle of the critical game, and the referee ordered him, “Just sit in the nearest seat.”

Another music video gave a clear glimpse of his volatile fury.

He was caught on CCTV talking to junior associate Mohamed Aouli at a private birthday party at Crown Casino’s a’Mare restaurant in Barangaroo in Sydney.

Zahed leads him to the restroom before suddenly unleashing blow after blow as his acolytes lead the unwitting victim back inside, before the door closes.

Zahed – the Comanchero’s sergeant-at-arms – was set to take over the nation’s network of motorcycle gangs after leader Mick Murray was jailed awaiting trial for a 2019 murder.

Police today admitted the Comancheros are Australia’s ‘largest criminal organisation’.

It follows the links between the biker gang and the Alameddine crime family – where the bikers act as brutal enforcers

Zahed walked in and out of jail after throwing his dog at a man, stomping on another man’s skull in a row of drugs – causing him brain damage – and shooting another after a savage street fight

Zahed is effectively the recent leader of the NSW Comancheros since the head of state, Mark Buddle, fled overseas in 2016 after being linked to the murder of a Sydney security officer.

And Zahed’s own criminal life dates back 27 years, to 1995, when he was first convicted of assault.

Since then, Zahed has been back and forth in prison after throwing his dog at a man, stomping on another man’s skull in a row of drugs – causing him brain damage – and shooting another after a crazy street fight.

More recently, the Comancheros had been linked to an alleged $1 million shipment of methamphetamine and MDMA seized by police in Bankstown last December, which saw two other members of the motorcycle gang arrested.

Zahed also allegedly made enemies while living in Victoria, which may also have triggered the hit.

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