Anthony Davis on special T-shirts that show the Lakers’ motivation for the title

There will be a lot to roll for the Los Angeles Lakers this season after spending the last two years in basketball purgatory. Anthony Davis is well aware of what’s at stake for them in 2022-23 and he’s certainly not shy about doing so.

Davis recently revealed that’s exactly the mindset the team will have when they enter training camp. As a reminder to all, the Lakers have decided to equip themselves with a special t-shirt which will symbolize their primary objective for the upcoming campaign (h/t Dave McMenamin from ESPN):

Anthony Davis told ESPN he plans to have a chip on his shoulder this season, channeling the same approach he brought to LA in 2019-20. The Lakers have training camp t-shirts that say “CHIP” on the front, a bit of a double meaning for their mindset and motivation.

It’s championship or bust for the Lakers this season and for its part, AD is all about that notion. He’s also looking for revenge this year as he seeks to answer everyone who’s ever counted him out.

Injuries were a major hurdle for Davis last season, but he remains adamant that it was just a case of bad luck for him. Asked about his preparations for this offseason, Davis said everything is “normal” on that front:

“I did exactly the same as last season,” he said. “I had two injuries that you can’t really control. Guy fell into my knee, landed on one foot.

It should be noted that there have been rumors of a potential Anthony Davis trade away from the Lakers this offseason. I’m pretty sure AD himself has heard about all of this, and he’ll take it all into account once the new season begins.

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