Alex Bowman launches ‘Hack’ t-shirts after Martinsville




Alex Bowman (right) celebrates his fourth victory in 2021 at Martinsville.

Hendrick Motorsports drivers know how to capitalize on bold statements after NASCAR Cup Series races. Chase Elliott released his “Happy Offseason and Merry Christmas” t-shirts after an incident with Kevin Harvick and now Alex Bowman has unveiled his “Hack” t-shirts based on Denny Hamlin’s comments.

The driver of the No. 48 Chevrolet Camaro unveiled the new designs on Sunday, October 31, after winning a race at Martinsville Speedway. The black shirts, which are available for pre-order at $ 24.99, feature “Hack” in purple text, Bowman’s autograph and the Alex Bowman Racing logo.

“It’s just a hack, an absolute hack,” Hamlin said about Bowman after the race at NBC Sports. “He gets his ass kicked by his teammates every week. He’s just fucking awful. He’s just terrible, and he sees this opportunity and he takes it. He has the fastest car every week and he finishes 10th.

Hamlin made the comments after Bowman broke away and made contact with No.11, sending him slipping into the wall on lap 494 of 501. Hamlin fell outside the top 20 as Bowman won his fourth race. of the season after taking the lead from Kyle Busch on the final reboot.

Bowman addressed the situation on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio

The driver of the No. 48 Chevrolet HMS provided further thoughts on the issues between him and Hamlin. He thanked the driver of the # 11 Toyota Camry FedEx for the idea of ​​the t-shirt before saying his team had already designed it before calling his spotter, Kevin Hamlin.

While Bowman has said he has won more Cup Series races than Hamlin in 2021, he has also expressed regret for the contact that sent his fellow driver to the wall. Bowman reiterated that he escaped under Hamlin and accidentally hit him.

“To be honest with you, I was expecting to step out of that race car and be absolutely booed and eaten alive by the fans,” Bowman said during his Nov. 1 appearance. “I felt like I messed up, I ran over someone. I don’t like it. I don’t like running like that. It was unintentional. I didn’t mean to. do that, and I wasn’t happy that it happened.

According to Davey Segal of The Frontstretch Podcast, Bowman added that he will likely donate a portion of the t-shirt sales to a local animal shelter, increasing the amount he donates after each race in the Cup Series program.

Bowman also said that one of the last textual interactions between him and Hamlin was his fellow driver apologizing for a wreck at Texas Motor Speedway. According to Bowman, Hamlin said he “couldn’t control” his race car.

The incident occurred on July 19, 2020, with 16 laps remaining. Hamlin tried to move inside Bowman and Ryan Blaney, but he pulled away and attempted to correct the car. However, he hit the side of number 88 – Bowman’s old number – and sent it slipping into the wall. The blow severely damaged the right side of the stock car and sent Bowman to the garage for a 30th place finish. Hamlin also suffered some damage, but he continued in the race and finished 20th.

Joe Gibbs Racing also got involved on social media

As Hamlin and Bowman fans argued on Twitter for hours after the crash, Joe Gibbs Racing’s social media team got involved in their own way. The first example was a photo of some damage to Hamlin’s stock car, with the caption “hacking work”.

The social media team also played on the budding rivalry with a scene from the classic 1985 western, “Silverado”. They inserted photos of Hamlin and Bowman in the moments leading up to a crucial duel between Cobb (Brian Dennehy) and Paden (Kevin Kline).

In the scene, Acting Sheriff Cobb / Hamlin sees Paden / Bowman approaching and walks up to the middle of the street for the clash. Meanwhile, NASCAR / Stella (Linda Hunt) official stands ready to watch.

The social media team also added footage of Hamlin interrupting Bowman’s victory celebration to give him a double major and come face to face with his stock car.

The interesting part of the article is how the scene ends. Joe Gibbs Racing did not include the full “Silverado” duel, which takes place in the final minutes. Paden / Bowman kills Dennehy / Hamlin and becomes the town’s new sheriff after helping get rid of some unsavory characters.

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