Ajaz Patel presents 10-wicket balloon and matching t-shirt to the next MCA museum | Cricket news

MUMBAI: Shortly after the end of the second test, left arm spinner Ajaz Patel handed the ball, with which he took the 10 Indian wickets in the first innings – becoming only the third pitcher in test history at achieve the rare feat – and his autographed New Zealand T-shirt he wore during the game against Mumbai Cricket Association President Vijay Patil for the Cricket Corps Museum, which is under development.
Patil, on the other hand, congratulated Patel with the “Perfect 10” score sheet and a special memory.

Meanwhile, local curators Nadim Memon and Ramesh Mamunkar received a word of appreciation from Patel and the Indian captain and coach. As in Kanpur, Team India donated Rs 35,000 to ground staff in Mumbai.
Ajaz bhai I should have been a mom ‘
Although they were delighted to be at the Garware booth at Wankhede Stadium on Monday morning to watch their ‘jeejaji’ (brother-in-law) Ajaz Patel, Abdul Basit and Ashfan Patel, and family friends of the left arm spinner, Hasnain Shaikh and Noor Shaikh had a few small regrets: “Ajaz bhai should have been named the man of the match. Mayank Agarwal’s century in the opening innings was fantastic, but 10 wickets in a match is a rare achievement,” regretted Ashfan, who took “special leave” on Monday to watch her brother-in-law live.

The other wish, which naturally did not come true, was a personal meeting and a “selfie” with their “Ajaz bhai” at Wankhede after the match ended on the fourth morning of the India vs New Zealand test here. “All he could do was wave at us from near the fence. We wanted to meet him, but that doesn’t seem possible due to covid restrictions.” He’s in a bubble, so I don’t know. ‘he can meet us, “Basit said, before pointing to this New Zealand cricket cap.” Ajaz bhai threw it at me from the ground yesterday, “he tweeted.
The Mumbai-born New Zealand tweaker, who lived in Jogeshwari until the age of eight, had arranged tickets for his parents and family friends in the city for several days of the match. “We all came to watch the game one day or another. Some of the family got tickets for the fifth day. They are going to be missing now,” said Ashfan. “It is a sense of pride for us that he took all 10 wickets in one round at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. We are happy to have been here and to have become part of history. family is celebrating, ”Basit said.

Those close to him believe the test was a god-given opportunity to at least see Ajaz on a cricket pitch. “It was a rare opportunity to see him play. Our dua (prayer) to see him on a cricket pitch came true. New Zealand is far away so it’s not easy for him to come too often. – he hasn’t come to Mumbai since covid hit early last year, “Basit said. “I am a big fan of Virat Kohli, but we were supporting Ajaz bhai in this game,” Basit concluded.

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