AFC Wimbledon Commit Kit Crime with Matching Home and Away Shirts – Thick Accent

Football fans often look forward to pre-season tours as they can finally watch their favorite players in action after the off-season break. But alongside the return of competition, it’s also a busy time for kit makers, with European clubs announcing their range of shirts for the coming season.

Over the past few decades, the norm in Europe has been for clubs to often sport their traditional colors (those associated with a club since its inception) for the home kit while the away kit could feature more creative designs.

This combination also helps clubs avoid a color clash in case two teams share similar home kit shades.

But it looks like AFC Wimbledon may have moved away from this unofficial tradition after the club announced their away kit for the upcoming campaign.

Just weeks after the Ligue 2 side revealed their blue home kit, the club and their kit designer Hummel have announced the release of the away shirt which is ironically also blue in colour.

Since the club was formed by supporters of Wimbledon FC (now known as MK Dons) in 2002, the Dons have predominantly sported a blue shirt with yellow detailing as their primary home kit design. The backhand with a yellow shirt with blue detailing was the away kit design.

Wimbledon’s home kit for the upcoming season features the classic combination of blue and yellow. But the bizarre repetition of the blue shirt and yellow shoulder stripes for the away kit really stunned fans.

With many club fans expressing their disappointment on Twitter, the Hummel administrator personally took to Twitter to offer a possible explanation behind the bizarre decision.

As revealed by the creator, the club’s predecessor, Wimbledon FC, sported the darker shades of blue and yellow in the 90s, which was the last time either Wimbledon team played in the English Premier League.

Additionally, while at first glance the two kits appear identical, closer inspection confirms that the away kit differs in the shade of blue and yellow used. This kit features a darker shade of blue and yellow (almost golden) as opposed to the brighter shades of the home kit.

Curiously, it’s also not the first time an English side have repeated the kit colors for the home and away strips, with Portsmouth sporting a blue kit twice in the 2003 Premier League campaign- 04.

Although the designer of the kit explained why there was some sort of repetition, Dons fans are still not convinced. A few supporters have also claimed that this is just another way for clubs to scam supporters into buying unimaginative designs.

As Ligue 2 gets underway this weekend, it remains to be seen whether or not fans embrace AFC Wimbledon’s fiery and daring kit policy. But the club’s unconventional move has certainly guaranteed them to be the talk of the town as football returns to Plow Lane.

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