Adam Bomb Squad & Cool Cals Drop Hoodies, T-Shirts for NFT Owners

The Hundreds’ Adam Bomb Squad and Cool Cats are two NFT projects on different tracks that share the same goal: fostering a community of hardcore fans and collectors. To that end, Adam Bomb Squad and Cool Cats are offering exclusive t-shirts, hoodies, and bags to those who hold either of the respective NFTs.

Cool Cats and Adam Bomb Squad dropped in the summer of 2021 and immediately gripped the NFT community for very different reasons.

For Cool Cats, his collection of over 10,000 NFTs quickly became a blue chip project.

Cool Cats not only signed a major deal with top talent agency CAA, but promised NFT holders access to the game to win Cooltopiawhich would reward participants with Cool Cats exclusive $MILK token.

However, the token took a nose dive after the launch of Cooltopia.

Many token holders found CooltopiaCool Cats’ token economy has been disappointing and has expressed a dislike for new Cool Cats CEO Chris Hassett, who left the company just four months after joining in January 2022.

Despite these hurdles, Cool Cats retains a fan base that is passionate about new developments, like its upcoming partnership with the game NFT. The sandbox.

Meanwhile, Adam Bomb Squad has become one of web3’s most famous projects.

As the iconic mascot of The Hundreds, Adam Bomb became an NFT collection of 25,000 ‘bombs’ as part of Adam Bomb Squad’s initial strike. The collection was well received, as early NFT users familiar with Bobby Hundreds’ streetwear imprint knew the importance for a long-running company to release some of its most iconic IPs as a PFP collection.

In keeping with The Hundreds’ streetwear roots, Adam Bomb Squad has consistently collaborated with powerful partners in the Web3 space, including Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Brain Vomit, and Deadfellaz.

Adam Bomb Squad also offers plenty of extras for token holders, from physical merchandising to live events.

And, after going viral for its “God Hates NFTs” stunt at NFT.NYC, it’s clear that ABS is applying its headline-grabbing streetwear marketing tactics to the future of NFTs.

Given the size of Adam Bomb Squad and Cool Cat’s respective communities, even concise drops like this bolster older NFT projects as they band together with token holders during what people are calling ” crypto winter”.

The Hundreds x Cool Cats Collection will be released on August 18 via The Hundreds Online Store and official app. Keep an eye on The Hundreds Discord for specific details on the drops (including early release for token holders).

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