Actual Pokémon Splatoon X t-shirts are now available in the UK

Image: Nintendo

Update [Wed 9th Nov, 2022 14:30 GMT]: After weeks of Nintendo radio silence, we now know that these genuine Splatoon X Pokémon Splatfest t-shirts are coming to the UK! In addition, they are available to order on the My Nintendo Shop right now!

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Splatoon X Pokémon Splatfest
Image: nintendo

The three t-shirts each correspond to those worn by your in-game character after voting for Team Fire-, Grass-, or Water-Type at the upcoming Splatoon 3 Splatfest. They are available in a range of sizes from children through to adult XLs, with prices from £17.99-£22.99 depending on the size you choose.

Like many versions of the My Nintendo Store, these items are limited to one per customer. On top of that, we still won’t be getting our hands on the highs for a while, as the expected release date is currently listed for January 13, 2023.

The t-shirts will only be available while supplies last, so if you want the Splatfest celebrations to continue into next year, be sure to grab one while you can!

original article [Wed 12th Oct, 2022 18:30 BST]: Last week’s announcement of Pokemon-themed Splatfest come Splaton 3 in November presented us with three particularly neat t-shirts commemorating the collaboration. What started out seemingly as a virtual-only reward, these were soon advertised to receive a physical real life released at the Nintendo Store in New York and Pokémon Centers in Japan.

Today, Nintendo Australia added to the list of retailers, confirming that Water-, Fire-, and Grass-Type Splatfest t-shirts will also be available to those living in Australia and New Zealand.

While we don’t yet have an official announcement from any of the regions as to when these tees will be available for purchase, we do know that the next Splatfest will begin on November 11th – so surely they will be out by then.

Obviously, that leaves Nintendo Europe as the last topless region (we mean without the Pokemon t-shirts, not literally topless). We’re keeping our fingers crossed that a physical version will be able to make the trip across the pond, but after today’s date My Nintendo Store palavermaybe a t-shirt drop would be too stressful to handle.

Are you hoping to get your hands on a Splatfest t-shirt? Let us know which team you’re rooting for in the comments below!

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