Aaron Rodgers wears an Allen Lazard t-shirt that Packers fans will love

Forget Davante Adams. The Green Bay Packers have a new top wide receiver in Allen Lazard, and on the face of it, Aaron Rodgers fully embraces their partnership.

Need proof? Then look no further than the latest T-shirt from Rodgers. Although there are no photos of the reported outfit, Matt Schneidman of The Athletic said it features a design with the words “Rodgers/Lazard ’23 MAKE GREEN BAY GREAT AGAIN” printed on it.

Rodgers may have chosen not to speak to reporters on Monday, but he certainly made one of the strongest statements with his wardrobe choice.

Now, first question: where the hell can you get the shirt? Sure enough, Packers fans will love dealing with this.

Despite losing Adams in the offseason, it’s clear the excitement in Green Bay remains at an all-time high. Of course, that means there’s more pressure on Aaron Rodgers and Allen Lazard to deliver, but there’s also reason to be optimistic given that we’re talking about Rodgers here.

Hopefully Lazard can adapt to Green Bay in the season opener against the Minnesota Vikings. The veteran wide has been out since last week, and when the Packers returned to practice on Monday, he was noticeably absent.

The Packers have yet to reveal the injury he is facing, saying only that they are monitoring his situation. That said, fans may have to wait at least another week to see the new Rodgers-Lazard duo in action.

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