A salesman quits his job in New York to design shirts sold at RodeoHouston

Colleen Tuohy lived in a canvas tent while she created the designs that now make up Wyatt Outdoors.

HOUSTON – Jewelry, skins, crafts and coffee aren’t the only things you’ll find among the vendors at RodeoHouston. You will also find some very good stories.

“I put all the chips on the table,” says saleswoman Colleen Tuohy.

Her story stands out, and so do the shirts she designs.

“(They’re) UPF 50 plus, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, cut to fit a woman, and made in America,” says Tuohy.

Two years ago, she was working for Ralph Lauren when the pandemic sounded the alarm.

“I gave up my apartment in New York,” says Tuohy. “I bought a canvas wall tent. I headed up the Catskill Mountains to my brother’s farm, where I pitched the tent.”

Then she got to work plotting her next move.

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“I love the outdoors and have always been disappointed with the offerings we have as women, so I decided it was time for fashion to meet function,” Tuohy said.

Living off the grid with no electricity or running water, Tuohy designed, tested and re-engineered.

The result is Wyatt on the outside.

“It’s for women who love the outdoors, women who are looking for fashion and functionality,” says Tuohy. “It’s for someone who likes to ride a bike, fish, garden, eat lunch.”

The shirts are available at ML Leddy’s at the Houston Rodeo and at its Fort Worth flagship store.

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“They’re celebrating 73 years at the Houston Rodeo and 100 years in business, so being here really means the world to me,” Tuohy said.

Her story is one she didn’t even know she would start writing two years ago and now she’s adding a chapter to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

“It’s humbling,” Tuohy said.


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