A girl in a polo shirt and Samsung devices


Girl in polo shirt and Samsung devices – goes crazy with Sam on the internet

Recently, the ideas of a girl in a polo shirt with the Samsung Galaxy logo and branded accessories have appeared on the Internet. It was created by Lightform Studio – who posted the photos on their website and then deleted them. But the Internet remembers everything. Photos‌ Instantly went viral: Art and memos with her began to appear and even created an account for them on Twitter.

Users wondered if Sam was replacing the current BixSby virtual assistant. There have been rumors of replacement before, as it is not as popular as its rival Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa.

You shouldn’t be disappointed – Sam is probably not Samsung Galaxy’s new virtual assistant. Sam has been mentioned on several international Samsung websites. Samsung created the girl as a chatbot for support, and her job is to answer customer questions and queries. The site says Sam is not a replacement for Bixby and that the current virtual assistant will continue to work on the company’s smartphones and help Sam’s users when they contact support, for example on Facebook Messenger.

Despite all this, the character’s enthusiasm and popularity will help Samsung’s management change their minds, as many users are willing to switch smartphones to “communicate” with Samsung.

Photo: androidheadlines.com

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