10 of the best football shirts to wear in summer 2022

None of us are old enough to remember a world where sportswear was just for sports, but somehow it existed. Of course, tracksuits and running sneakers have become an integral part of the everyday wardrobe and have been for several decades. The real underrated star of the sportswear-lifestyle crossover, however, is the football jersey.

While for some wearing a football jersey is a tribal thing to prove your allegiance, we’re big proponents of wearing a jersey on its style value alone. Plus, with kits becoming more adventurous, it’s no surprise that football shirts intersect with fashion more frequently than ever.

Whether it’s Drake popularizing a Juventus third kit or Demna stepping onto the Balenciaga catwalk, the football shirt is not a new source of inspiration these days. That said, there are loads of fire football shirts to choose from right now.

From North London-inspired Arsenal prints to goatee-style Venezia shirts, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best football shirts we’ve got an eye on wearing this summer.

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Austin FC Away Shirt 22/23

For all the bold patterns, there’s definitely still something to be said for clean, classic simplicity. This Austin FC top is a simple design that’s made even more interesting by its pale green hue.

FC Bayern pre-match kit

FC Bayern Preview

There’s something about training kits – teams’ pre-match warm-up kits are often the most visually captivating of the lot. Bayern players get the chance to warm up in this rolling iteration and you can get in on the action too.

Arsenal pre-match kit

Arsenal v TFL preview

It’s a divisive kit, but it ranks very high for us. It features the iconic London Underground Northern Line print that transports optimistic Arsenal fans to the Emirates Stadium week after week.

Mexico Home Kit

Mexico Home

Up close, you’d be forgiven for thinking this Mexican kit was a futuristic abstract design. From a distance you will realize that this is actually a traditional Aztec style print.

FC Porto third jersey

FC Porto Third

We’re sucking for an off-white tinted shade. The FC Porto third kit follows a series of equally stunning light shades for teams like Manchester United and Liverpool. This makes it an easy game when it comes to styling it for everyday use.

Lille LOSC third jersey

Lille LOSC Third

Just like the training kits, the third kits are always worth buying because the designers get creative. This Lille strip looks basic but closer inspection shows that the badge’s pentagonal shape has been translated perfectly into the tonal gray on the belly.

Outdoor panama kit

Outer Panama

The Panama’s Away kit is inspired by the sunset and moonrise over the national ridge. The print on this shirt is designed to mimic the twilight sky in Panama.

SC Corinthians Home Kit 21/22

SC Corinthians 2021/22 Home

Founded by five railroad workers in 1910, Corinthians has a long and proven history of understatement. For those who have never heard of the team, this top embodies that fight – it’s better than most of the biggest teams out there.

Inter Milan 20/21 Fourth Kit

Inter Milan 2020/21 Fourth

As a fourth kit, this Inter Milan strip may never have made it onto the pitch. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying his pure energy.

Venezia FC 21/22 away kit

Venezia FC 21/22 Away

Last but not least, the Venezia FC away kit 21/22. Venezia are known for having some of the best kits in the game, thanks in large part to classic football geniuses Kappa. The 21/22 Away Kit went above and beyond, however. It’s from the Hall of Fame.

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