Real Estate Financing at the Loan and Credit

For some, the acquisition of own property is among the goals to achieve in life. Whether you live or start your own business, buying your property can be a big step forward and a big change in the present.

However, unfortunately, buying a property is not that simple. It is necessary to have financial resources that often people do not have. And for such cases, there is the possibility of real estate financing.

What is a mortgage?

What is a mortgage?

Real estate financing is an existing form and offered to individuals or businesses to acquire credit for the purchase or renovation of a property, whether commercial or residential. Credit may be offered by financial institutions such as banks, whether state or private.

When you are a bank account holder, getting the mortgage release becomes less bureaucratic, that doesn’t mean that bureaucracy doesn’t exist, it’s just not as complicated as for non-account holders. The offered credit is established through a contract between institution and individual or legal entity.

Real Estate Financing


Loan and Credit’s real estate financing consists of financing for the acquisition of real estate, whether commercial or residential and may be new or used.

Among the advantages offered by Loan and Credit we have a financing of up to 80% of the property value and a term of up to 30 years, or 360 months, to repay the financing. The installments are decreasing and the bank rates are differentiated and competitive in the market. The bank also offers the possibility to use the client’s FGTS in the financing process. It is important to note that some advantages may vary according to the type of credit chosen by the customer.

The Loan and Credit offers its clients agility in hiring, the payment of installments can be made through debit account, to bank account holders that the paying agency is agreed with the bank, or in the form of payroll consignment.

The loan can also be secured with real estate, so even without a specific destination, the client guarantees the repayment of the financing debt through residential and commercial real estate that are settled and owned by the client who wants the financing.

To get the mortgage you need to contact your manager of the Loan and Credit, he will tell you the amount of the loan released and what procedures and roles you should take to the bank.

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