Group debts without going to banks: tips

Do you know what it is to group debts without going to banks ? Do you need a break to reach the end of the month? Are debts incurred every month? Do you need a quick and effective solution? From Pardy Consultanting , experts in grouping debts, we propose a perfect solution for you, the reunification of debts.

What is grouping debts without going to banks?

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Grouping debts without going to banks consists. as its own word indicates, in unifying all debts incurred in a single monthly installment without having to go to your bank. In addition, this fee is less than the sum of all debts separately.

To reunify your debts you do not necessarily need to go to banks, there are negotiating agencies such as Pardy Consultanting that are responsible for reunifying all your debts .

What is the difference between going to banks or negotiating agencies?

People usually go to their banks to perform all kinds of procedures that have to do with their debts or mortgage. However, in the case of debt grouping , it is not always convenient to go to financial institutions , do you know why? Because financial institutions do not unify debts if they have been contracted with other banks or other financial institutions. Banks are only responsible for performing this type of service when all the debts of the person have been contracted with them.

For example, if you have applied for a mortgage with a bank, car loan with a financial one, and vacations with a totally different one, your trusted bank cannot help you with this procedure. And what can be done in these cases? The best solution is to go to the negotiating agencies that are responsible for carrying out this procedure.

Benefits of grouping debts

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A debt unification is very beneficial for both you and your family. It is a way of having monthly expenses controlled and not being overwhelmed to reach the end of the month. This type of services can be hired by both individuals and companies. The freelancers who have just started their business will need a little respite, so it is perfect for them.

What are the benefits of grouping debts ? The unification of loans allows grouping all debts into a single monthly installment. This fee is less than all fees separately.

Advantages of hiring a negotiating agency

Advantages of hiring a negotiating agency

There are thousands of reasons why you should hire a negotiating agency to group your debts . If you are a little lost in this type of service and do not know where to start, it is best to go to us.

The negotiating agencies are in charge of negotiating with the different financial entities and getting the best economic conditions for you. In addition, if you are a busy person, you can not waste much time, the negotiating agencies are responsible for doing everything for you without having to go bank to bank yourself.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, if you have different debts with different financial entities, only the negotiating agencies can group the debts . Banks can only unify debts that have been contracted with them.

The negotiating agencies have qualified professionals in the field who know this sector perfectly and know how they should act in each case. They will know how to advise you at all times with the best solution for you.

On our website you can use our simulator to reunify debts . This simulator will provide you with an estimate of the fees to be paid after the reunification of loans . However, this will not be the definitive fee, depending on all the information you provide to the consultancy, it may change. Contact our qualified professionals in the field if you have any questions or queries.

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