Borrowing to Good Finance

When you buy a house in Sweden you must have at least 15% of the house’s value. So if you buy a house for 5milk you must have at least USD 750,000 in effort. And that is the same percentage when buying an apartment in Sweden. However, the price must be approved by the bank as well, so it is not possible to buy a house at a very high price on the paper to a friend or similar to get rid of the bet.

What you think about the guide How much Good Finance when buying a house is very important to us. Because we have written the guide for you. It is you who come here to get an answer to how many percent of the effort you must have at least when buying a house in Sweden. Therefore, you can give ratings and ratings on the guide below. The rating is the stars and the rating you can leave in the form of a comment.

Mortgages without Good Finance

Mortgages without Good Finance

There, we explain that there is no home loan entirely without effort, and that at least 15 per cent applies regardless of the choice of bank. But it is possible to finance the operation with private loans. Mortgages without Good Finance do not exist. Previously, it was 10 percent instead of today’s 15 percent, but in some very rare cases it was still 100 percent borrowing.

Good Financeen has been used to curb price trends and to be a security for Swedish banks. The remaining amount can be covered by a mortgage loan and is sometimes called a mortgage loan. Some banks also have top loans and then it can look like this: Bottom loan 75%, Top loan 10%, Good Finance 15%.

In-depth about Mortgages without Good Finance


Car loan without Good Finance. There you can see, among other things, the rating and ratings of all the loans we list on Good Finance. You should read our guide before choosing to borrow. There are car loans without Good Finance but then it is a private loan for the car that applies.

There is no car loan where you leave the car as collateral for the loan where you can lend to 100%. However, many people choose to take a private loan to Good Financeen. Which many car dealers have been criticized for helping because 20% of Good Finance’s car loan with collateral has a purpose. And it disappears a bit if you also borrow for the effort.

Private loan to Good Finance

Private loan to Good Finance

Private loans to Good Finance are a solution for being able to finance a Good Finance of 15 percent (when buying a home) if you do not have the money saved. A private loan is a so-called unsecured loan, that is, a loan where you do not need to pledge anyone. If you take out a mortgage, you have the home as collateral for the loan. But with a private loan you do not leave anything in collateral.

Therefore, the lender takes a slightly greater risk with a private loan compared to, for example, a mortgage loan, which means that they have to pay a little more paid for that loan. But higher interest rates. If you want to take a private loan for your Good Finance, we compare some such options under private loans.

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